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Moving from Shanghai to Canada

I once heard people say that moving abroad is very troublesome. This time I moved from Shanghai to Canada. I really saw it. Fortunately, I heard the advice of my colleagues. I found Yifeng to move. There are so many complicated procedures. Without them, I really don't know how solve!

Drying time:2019-11-06 08:54:32

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Moving from Suzhou to Germany

The reason for the job transfer needs to move from Suzhou to Germany. First, I checked about 5 or 6 international moving companies on the Internet, and understood from the quotation to the service. After a comprehensive comparison, I feel that the reputation of Yifeng Moving is relatively good, and it is a company. A formal national chain company with complete qualifications, decisively choose to place an order at Yifeng.

Drying time:2020-04-28 14:14:26

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Moving from Fuzhou to Canada

I was transferred to Canada this year, and my wife said that I always wanted to go to school. We both discussed moving to Canada from Fuzhou and staying there for a few years. The first time I went abroad to move, I didn’t have much experience. I asked many friends. Several of them recommended Yifeng to move. They said that the move is more comprehensive and professional, so we contacted them directly.

Drying time:2019-11-18 17:47:14

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Moving from Shenzhen to Canada

The first time I moved from Shenzhen to Canada, I don’t know what materials (including certificates and the like) need to be prepared, and what items can and cannot be brought. I only know that the policies of each country are different, and the Canadian customs inspection is very strict. The novice was afraid of being locked up in a small black house inadvertently, so he decided to ask the moving company for help.

Drying time:2019-09-20 13:54:27

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