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  • Shanghai moved to Singapore volume:25CBM
  • Beijing moved to Canada volume:36CBM
  • Tianjin moved to Malaysia volume:8CBM
  • Shanghai moved to Australia volume:19CBM
  • Shanghai moved to Germany Move the volume:33CBM
  • Hangzhou moved to The United States volume:23CBM
  • Xi'an moved to Singapore volume:19CBM
  • Shanghai moved to Australia volume:16CBM
Diversified Moving Services Abroad

Whole Cabinet Going


Full Container Delivery, Safe And Direct.

- Customized Scheme

- Dynamic Tracking

- Door To Door

- Door To Port

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Online Service

Put Together Cabinets And

Go Abroad

Centralized Consignment, Packing And Direct Splicing.

- Cost Savings

- Cost-Effective

- Security

- Special Clearance

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International Warehouse


Free Storage For 15 Days.

- Domestic Warehousing

- Foreign Warehousing

- Free Tray

- Packaging Reinforcement

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Service Process
  • 1

    Requirements Submission

    Submit your personalized requirementsoby calling , communicating online,e-mail.

  • 2

    Free On-Site Evalua- tion/Quotation

    On-site measurement of items and provision of transportation plans and quotations.

  • 3

    Sign A Contract /Pack

    After signing the contract, arrange for the packing team to pack on-site.

  • 4

    Domestic Customs Clearance/Settlement

    Arrange for a person to assist with customs clearance matters and settle expenses throughout the process.

  • 5

    To The Port Customs Clearance/Delivery Door-To-Door

    Once the items arrive at the port of destination, arrange customs clearance and delivery at the door

  • 6

    Install The Home /Clean Site

    Items are placed in place to clean the site before the end.

Why Choose Us

Tailor- Made

According to the diversified needs of customers moving, tailor-made personalized moving program.


50 plus after-sales quality control personnel layer by layer control, the whole process for your items to protect the safety.

Professional Team

100 plus exclusive customer service one-on-one service, 2000 plus moving master professional training on duty.

Get quotes for free HOT

How much does it cost to move in 30 seconds

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Wide Coverage

Business coverage of the same city/ cross-city/ abroad / piano, service coverage of the country's 300 plus cities and regions.

Clear Real Price

Independent development of valuation system, one-click to generate quotatitotns,the whole clear code price does not premium

Cost- Effective

One-stop moving experience is popular with new and old customers, cost-effective service has been unanimously praised.

Service Standards

Table Packing

Due to the irregularity of the dining table, the packaging needs to be removed before each part is packed.

Sofa Packing

Use bubble film, wrap film to protect the face and feet of the sofa, and wrap the outside with thickened cardboard.

Pack Your Clothes

After the clothes are sorted and sorted, they are placed in cartons in turn and packed in the box.

Piano Packing

Once wrapped in a blanket, pack as much as possible in a wooden box with tray.

Customer Evaluation

Moving from Shanghai to Canada


I once heard people say that moving abroad is very troublesome. This time I moved from Shanghai to Canada. I really saw it. Fortunately, I heard the advice of my colleagues. I found Yifeng to move. There are so many complicated procedures. Without them, I really don't know how solve!

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Moving from Suzhou to Germany


The reason for the job transfer needs to move from Suzhou to Germany. First, I checked about 5 or 6 international moving companies on the Internet, and understood from the quotation to the service. After a comprehensive comparison, I feel that the reputation of Yifeng Moving is relatively good, and it is a company. A formal national chain company with complete qualifications, decisively choose to place an order at Yifeng.

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Moving from Beijing to Malaysia


Since I learned that I would move from Beijing to Malaysia last year, I have been searching for relevant information about moving abroad. After all, it is international transportation. The distance is long, the time is long, and there are too many uncontrollable factors. I still need to find a reliable carrier company. After many comparisons, it was finally determined that Yifeng moved.

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Moving from Beijing to Australia


My eldest brother and I both work in Australia. My dad retired this year. We plan to help my dad move from Beijing to Australia and take care of him easily. We used Yi Feng to move abroad and send things by ourselves. We also contacted this time. It's still as good as before, the service process is perfect, and the price is good.

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