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2020-04-28 14:14:26

The reason for the job transfer needs to move from Suzhou to Germany. First, I checked 5 or 6 international moving companies on the Internet, and understood from the quotation to the service. After a comprehensive comparison, I feel that the reputation of Yifeng Moving is relatively good, and it is a company. A formal national chain company with complete qualifications, decisively choose to place an order at Yifeng.

There are a lot of things to bring when going abroad. In addition to personal belongings, furniture and home appliances such as sofas and TVs also need to be moved, so I chose door-to-door service. I feel that the price will be more cost-effective and the service will be better. You don’t need to worry about it all by yourself, just to be safe. I also asked Xiao Chu to help arrange an assessment commissioner's on-site assessment quotation (ps: assessment is free of charge, and moving abroad is usually expensive, so don't be afraid of trouble, and you will be more confident about the assessment). Later, the staff made a moving plan for reference. I was quite satisfied after reading it, so I signed a contract with Yifeng.

I made an appointment on the 4th to pack. The whole thing went smoothly. The details were also very satisfactory. There was a little rain on the same day. When the master pulled the goods and loaded the car, he covered the carton with a blanket to prevent the carton from being damaged by moisture. Send the prepared electronic list to me for verification. The size, volume and name of the items are clearly marked on it.

The delivery time was about 2pm-4pm on Sundays. The goods were delivered on time after they were settled in Germany, and the furniture and appliances inside were basically fine. Even the tableware was intact and the door arrived. Another advantage of the door is that the master will assemble the furniture, return to the original position, and leave after cleaning. Before the items were delivered, I was worried that my German was too bad. I didn’t expect my eldest brother to speak English very well, completely. Dispelled my worries, I am very satisfied with the service of Yifeng moving, thank you.

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