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2019-11-18 17:47:14

This year, my job was transferred to Canada, and my wife said that I always wanted to go to school. The two of us discussed moving from Fuzhou to Canada and staying there for a few years. The first time I moved abroad, I didn’t have much experience. I asked many friends, and several of them recommended Yifeng to move. They said that the move was more comprehensive and professional, so we contacted them directly.

As soon as I made an online appointment, the customer service there called to verify some information. Our move this time is mainly a set of sofas, a bed, and some personal items. The customer service specially arranged for a master to come to us to disassemble the furniture. It’s still very professional, and the TV sets are packed very carefully. The two masters work together to achieve high efficiency. The packing is also strong. The furniture is well protected after disassembly.

The cost is also clear and transparent. It is charged according to the cubic meter, and includes packaging fees, door-to-door delivery, unloading and unpacking fees and other costs. Before moving, we also asked the master to estimate the price. They first measured the volume of the moving items on the spot, and then A detailed list of items and a quotation plan will be provided based on the measurement results. There is a small amount of cabinet in the middle. Miss Yifeng immediately helped arrange the staff adjustment. I have to say that the service is really good.

The master also wore a mask, overalls, and gloves on the day of the move. It gave a good impression. The following customs declaration and customs clearance procedures were all done by the customer service lady for us. Some simple personal information was requested in the middle. That is to say, my wife and I did not spend much thought during the whole process. The customer service is also relatively professional. They are very familiar with customs policies, and reminders are in place if there is anything that can be brought or not. This move abroad is very smooth. Thank you Yifeng for moving. Moving company!

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