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  • Singapore moved to Shanghai volume:25CBM
  • Canada moved to Beijing volume:36CBM
  • Malaysia moved to Tianjin volume:8CBM
  • Australia moved to Shanghai volume:19CBM
  • Germany moved to Shanghai Move the volume:33CBM
  • The United States moved to Hangzhou volume:23CBM
  • Singapore moved to Xi'an volume:19CBM
  • Australia moved to Shanghai volume:16CBM
The Service Of Import Moving
Return By Sea

Personal Items Are Shipped Home

- Custom Solutions

- Exclusive Customer Service

- Standard Packaging

- Door-To-Door Clearance

Airlift Home

Book On-Site Services Worldwide

- One-On-One Service

- Years Of Experience

- Special Clearance

- Satisfied With The Payment

Baggage Checked In

Baggage Check-In Service

- Send The Box To The Door

- Duty-Free Customs Clearance

- Security

- Deliver To Home

Go With You

Accompanying The Group To Buy Back Home

- Save Money

- On-Site Service

- Standard Packaging

- Safe And Reliable

Service Process
  • 1

    Requirements Submission

    Submit your personalized requirementsoby calling , communicating online,e-mail.

  • 2

    Free On-Site Evalua- tion/Quotation

    On-site measurement of items and provision of transportation plans and quotations.

  • 3

    Sign A Contract /Pack

    After signing the contract, arrange for the packing team to pack on-site.

  • 4

    Domestic Customs Clearance/Settlement

    Arrange for a person to assist with customs clearance matters and settle expenses throughout the process.

  • 5

    To The Port Customs Clearance/Delivery Door-To-Door

    Once the items arrive at the port of destination, arrange customs clearance and delivery at the door

  • 6

    Install The Home /Clean Site

    Items are placed in place to clean the site before the end.

Why Choose Us

Tailor- Made

According to the diversified needs of customers moving, tailor-made personalized moving program.


50 plus after-sales quality control personnel layer by layer control, the whole process for your items to protect the safety.

Professional Team

100 plus exclusive customer service one-on-one service, 2000 plus moving master professional training on duty.

Get quotes for free HOT

How much does it cost to move in 30 seconds

Get Now

Wide Coverage

Business coverage of the same city/ cross-city/ abroad / piano, service coverage of the country's 300 plus cities and regions.

Clear Real Price

Independent development of valuation system, one-click to generate quotatitotns,the whole clear code price does not premium

Cost- Effective

One-stop moving experience is popular with new and old customers, cost-effective service has been unanimously praised.

Service Standards

Table Packing

Due to the irregularity of the dining table, the packaging needs to be removed before each part is packed.

Sofa Packing

Use bubble film, wrap film to protect the face and feet of the sofa, and wrap the outside with thickened cardboard.

Pack Your Clothes

After the clothes are sorted and sorted, they are placed in cartons in turn and packed in the box.

Piano Packing

Once wrapped in a blanket, pack as much as possible in a wooden box with tray.

Quality Is Determined By Services Details
  • Packaging Services

  • Customs Clearance Services

  • On-Site Delivery

  • After- Sales Protection

We Provide Not Only Packaging, But Also A Worry, Rest Assured, Peace Of Mind

  • Supervising Services

    Yifeng exclusive customer service planning service process, with you to negotiate packaging options.

  • Supervise Docking

    On-site packaging, professional supervision to communicate with you, negotiate docking items packaging matters.

  • Make A List

    Once you have identified the items you need to move, make a list of items to be signed by you.

  • Indoor Protection

    Evaluate the indoor packaging area and do a good job of protecting the packaging area in advance.

  • Professional Packaging

    The packaging team standardizes the packaging according to the packaging plan and posts labels and hoes.

  • Basic Cleaning

    Once the required items have been packed, the packing team will take the indoor garbage clean-up away.

Rich Experience In Customs Clearance To Solve Your Troubles Of Customs Clearance

  • Preparation for picking up

    Provide delivery receipts such as cargo notice, original bill of lading or telex bill of lading in advance.

  • File preparation

    The merchandiser prepares the supporting documents for customs clearance in advance, and prepares them in cooperation with you.

  • Tax exemption application

    Experienced customs brokers will give you advice and suggestions on tax-free allowances.

  • customs inspection

    According to the inspection time provided by the customs, a special person will be arranged to assist in the inspection

  • Pay the fee

    After inspection and release, cooperate with the customer to pay customs declaration and inspection agency related fees

Professionals Follow The Whole Process And Deliver Items On Time

  • Determine delivery time

    Before the goods arrive at the port, the dedicated customer service will call you to make an appointment for delivery time.

  • Item count

    Before delivery home, the supervisor helps you to check the number of items according to the packing list

  • Unpacking and acceptance

    Remove the outer packing of large furniture and home appliances and check the integrity of the items on site

  • Return items to their place

    The handling technician puts the items in place according to your needs and assembles them as needed

  • Clean up trash on site

    Before the service is completed, the removal team will clean the site of garbage and pack materials

Strict After-sales Management System To Escort The Safety Of Your Cargo

  • Dedicated customer service

    After professional training, strict control of customer identity and transport items, to ensure that everything is safe.

  • Merchandiser

    With years of experience in customs declaration and freight arrangement, follow up the whole process and quickly deal with various emergencies.

  • Management system

    Systematic logistics management system allows you to track the dynamics of items well.

  • Quality Assurance Department

    Fully involved in the supervision of the process, regularly visit customers to understand your real experience.

  • Insurance protection

    With international famous insurance company cooperation, and after-sales service personnel to help you solve the whole process of claims.

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