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2019-09-20 13:54:27

It is the first time to move from Shenzhen to Canada. I don’t know exactly what materials (including certificates and the like) need to be prepared. I don’t know what items can be brought and what cannot be brought. I only know that the policies of each country are different, and the Canadian customs inspection is very strict. The novice was afraid of being locked up in a black house inadvertently, so he decided to ask the moving company for help.Yi Feng moved, recommended by my graduate student, and found it very reliable after using it.

I added Ms. Wang, the customer service of Yifeng Moving. She sent me the service process of their moving abroad. You can understand the service characteristics and general links of Yifeng moving abroad at a glance. Ms. Wang is also very patient when encountering difficult to understand places. Explain to me. Because I have a lot of things, I suggest that I choose sea transportation this time. Although sea transportation is slower, it is cost-effective and it is also an inevitable way to move abroad.

After placing the order, I sent the documents needed to make the shipping documents to Ms. Wang, and I almost didn't need to worry about the following things. The moving master would come to pack and carry it according to the agreed time. I must praise the master here. The moving house is very polite, standing outside the door consciously put on shoe covers before entering the door, signed a moving contract with me before moving, it is very formal, the master who came to move is also very humorous and kind. Even my fearsome person has opened the chatterbox haha.

It took less than 20 days for the items to arrive at the Canadian Customs. Not long after someone called me and asked me when it would be convenient for me to arrange delivery. Now the items are in place. It can be said that it is a perfect one move, and the whole move abroad. The experience is worry-free and reassuring. Now that I have friends who want to move abroad, I will strongly move Amway Yifeng, which is worth recommending.

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