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2019-09-25 17:18:20

This time, Yi Feng moved to help my brother solve the problem of studying abroad. It is also a coincidence that my brother had more than two months to go abroad. He moved from Guangzhou to New Zealand. On that day, he met the neighbors downstairs who moved and couldn’t eat. The finished food was given to us. I only found out that the movers inside were all wearing uniforms and shoe covers. They were busy with the food. The first impression was that they were more formal employees.

At that time, they were packing kitchen utensils. Some kitchen utensils, tableware, chopsticks, and small spoons were also wrapped in bubble film. In an instant, they had a good feeling. They talked briefly with the master and learned that their family has one-stop moving abroad service. After this intuitive experience, I decisively placed an order later. Although it is different from the service items used by my neighbors, Yifeng did a very good job in shipping luggage when it moved abroad.

The things that the younger brother wants to move are mainly clothes, books, and some daily necessities. There are not many things. I just think about how to apply for customs clearance and prepare materials when I was studying abroad. It was really too much trouble. I asked the customer service. I realized that now these do not need customers to worry about, and the moving company helps to arrange them properly. On the morning of April 21st, the master brought cardboard boxes to help my brother pack things. Because they were moving abroad, the things were billed according to the cubic meter. The master also helped us to use as few cartons as possible (provided that the goods are transported safely) ), in short, it is still very cost-effective overall!!

Choosing a moving company abroad is not an easy task. The key is to understand whether the customer service staff understand the customs clearance process and customs policies through communication. They are very professional. In addition, I have to feel that the moving service that meets the needs is really great, and it really helps us save money. A lot of things must be 5 stars praise.

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