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2019-11-06 08:54:32

I once heard people say that moving abroad is very troublesome. This time I moved from Shanghai to Canada. I really saw it. Fortunately, I heard the advice of my colleagues. I found Yifeng to move. There are so many complicated procedures. Without them, I really don't know how solve!

Recently, because I have to move some furniture to Canada, I chose Yifeng's door-to-door shipping service project. The whole process will be one-stop service. Professionals will come to pack and make lists, especially for customs declaration and customs clearance. The people who "arranged" all said it was very complicated, and it was impossible to imagine doing it by yourself.

The customer service lady is super gentle and attentive~ I explained some customs policy-related knowledge on the phone, as well as the billing rules of sea transportation. After a simple calculation, I can get a lot of discounts when I find them, because the charges include packaging fees, There are several expenses such as door-to-door delivery, unloading and unpacking fees.

There was also an episode on the day of the move. It was because of my own sake that the masters had to wait another half an hour. I was really embarrassed. Fortunately, the masters were not impatient but waited outside the door. There were masters when they moved. You don't need to do it yourself. They take care of packing. After disassembling the bed at home, even each screw is sorted and packed in a small bag, which is convenient for installation and use after arriving at the destination.

Finally, I want to say that the packaging technology and materials used by Yifeng moving are really good. Even the foreign delivery masters when they come to unpack the goods, they praise the strong packaging of Yifeng! Of course, they also came to the door on time and placed the items in the corresponding position. It is also worthy of praise. The goods received are intact and the service quality of Yifeng Moving is very good. It is worth recommending~

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