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2020-05-21 17:13:08

My eldest brother and I both work in Australia. My dad retired this year. We plan to help my dad move from Beijing to Australia and take care of him easily. We used Yi Feng to move abroad and send things by ourselves. We also contacted this time. It's still as good as before, the service process is perfect, and the price is good.

Because it is a one-to-one moving service, in addition to customs declaration and customs clearance, it also includes arranging ship booking and customs declaration matters, providing copies of the required documents for sorting, and preparing Chinese and English documents, delivery to the destination port, etc., usually work is very busy. In this way, my dad and we are more worry-free, and the current service is a little bit beyond my opinion of the moving industry in the past.

My dad doesn’t have many things, but apart from his personal luggage, his favorite is the set of Chinese furniture, so he must take it away. I made an appointment for packing service at Yifeng moving house. The master arrived 20 minutes in advance on the day of the move. The coffee table and the coffee table are packaged separately. In order to prevent bumps during transportation, several layers of bubble film are used on the coffee table, and it is very easy for them to pack large items. The two people cooperate with each other. It is more efficient, and it is packed in twos or twos, and the bag is still very strong.

Dust bags are also used for packing clothes to prevent the infiltration of dust. The most noteworthy thing is that the service attitude of the master is very good, and I can chat with my dad. This time I can happily move the house. Thanks to Yi Feng for moving. I have received a WeChat reminder this morning that the things have arrived at the Australian customs. They will be delivered tomorrow morning. Thank you very much. If you need to move abroad, you can try Yifeng moving!

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