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2019-11-14 18:28:29

In order to take care of my daughter who is studying abroad, I plan to move from Hangzhou to Australia and live with her in the past. However, because I don’t understand customs policies, I have to ask the moving company for help. My daughter thinks that Yifeng, which is used to check luggage when going abroad, is not bad. , Gave me the contact information, I called the customer service.

When the customer service heard about my situation, he was very active and patient and introduced me to their company’s service process. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the customs policy, because now almost all moving companies help with customs declaration and customs clearance. Just provide some simple personal materials.

Not only did the contract be signed before the move, Yifeng also set up a group chat dedicated to this moving service. Different staff are responsible for different things. They feel very professional. Sometimes there are consultations at 11 pm and some people reply in it. There are not many personal luggage for this move. The large items mainly include lockers, sofas and massage chairs. The master packs them carefully, like the lockers, wrapped with several layers of bubble film, and even the feet are protected. , And then fixed with tape, and finally packaged with cut cardboard, very meticulous.

There is no problem with the goods arriving in Australia. The goods have been received so far, and it took about 20 days. This efficiency is quite good. After all, it will take some time to ship by sea.

It is also worth mentioning that the master is very humorous, and the chatting on this move is also very enjoyable~ A very good moving experience, you can try to place an order if you need it, the preferential strength is also relatively large, the quotation is transparent, the charge is reasonable, and it can be said that the price is cost-effective. Very high, I recommend everyone to use it.

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