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Moving from Guangzhou to New Zealand

This time, Yi Feng moved to help my brother solve the problem of studying abroad. It is also a coincidence that my brother had more than two months to go abroad. He moved from Guangzhou to New Zealand. On that day, he met the neighbors downstairs who moved and couldn’t eat. The finished food was given to us. I only found out that the movers inside were all wearing uniforms and shoe covers. They were busy with the food. The first impression was that they were more formal employees.

Drying time:2019-09-25 17:18:20

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Moving from Beijing to Malaysia

Since I learned that I would move from Beijing to Malaysia last year, I have been searching for relevant information about moving abroad. After all, it is international transportation. The distance is long, the time is long, and there are too many uncontrollable factors. I still need to find a reliable carrier company. After many comparisons, it was finally determined that Yifeng moved.

Drying time:2021-07-28 16:26:42

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Moving from Hangzhou to Australia

In order to take care of my daughter who is studying abroad, I plan to move from Hangzhou to Australia and live with her in the past. However, because I don’t understand customs policies, I have to ask the moving company for help. My daughter thinks that Yifeng, which is used to check luggage when going abroad, is not bad. , Gave me the contact information, I called the customer service.

Drying time:2019-11-14 18:28:29

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Moving from Beijing to Australia

My eldest brother and I both work in Australia. My dad retired this year. We plan to help my dad move from Beijing to Australia and take care of him easily. We used Yi Feng to move abroad and send things by ourselves. We also contacted this time. It's still as good as before, the service process is perfect, and the price is good.

Drying time:2020-05-21 17:13:08

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