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Yifeng moving logistics is subordinate to Shanghai Yifeng International Logistics Co., Ltd. and is mainly engaged in cross city moving, Japanese moving, intra city moving, overseas moving, home moving, piano moving, international warehousing and other services. The service covers nearly 300 cities and regions in China, opening up more than 200 domestic moving routes and 12 international moving routes.

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Tailor- Made

According to the diversified needs of customers moving, tailor-made personalized moving program.


50 plus after-sales quality control personnel layer by layer control, the whole process for your items to protect the safety.

Professional Team

100 plus exclusive customer service one-on-one service, 2000 plus moving master professional training on duty.

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Wide Coverage

Business coverage of the same city/ cross-city/ abroad / piano, service coverage of the country's 300 plus cities and regions.

Clear Real Price

Independent development of valuation system, one-click to generate quotatitotns,the whole clear code price does not premium

Cost- Effective

One-stop moving experience is popular with new and old customers, cost-effective service has been unanimously praised.

Service Standards

Centralized Packing

For the cabinet shipping users abroad, centralized packing after shipping abroad, saving the cost of moving abroad.

Article Packaging

For furniture, electrical appliances, the use of special packaging materials multi-layer protection, to avoid damage to the article under pressure.

Customs Clearance

Inform the customs clearance documents of the destination country in advance and assist the customer in filling out the complete process.

Door To Door Service

For the cabinet shipping users abroad, centralized packing after shipping abroad, saving the cost of moving abroad.

Our Blog
2021 IAM certification

Shanghai Yifeng International Logistics Co., Ltd is pleased to confirm that we have successfully achieved IAM certification. Yifeng is honored to be a member of International Association of Movers。

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Container shipping prices are difficult to "calm"

The container shipping rates from Asia to the U.S. andEurope have skyrocketed at a historis pace bis year.Mainly due to supply chain blockages and container shortages across the world caused by the covid-19.

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The Ministry of transport responded that "one box is hard to find"

Recently, the freight rate in the international shipping container market has risen sharply. There is a saying that "it is difficult to find a box". In this regard, sun Wenjian, spokesman of the Ministry of transport and head of the policy research office, responded at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council on the 26th.

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Record port congestion in Southern California

Since this week, the congestion of Los Angeles port and Long Beach port in Southern California, the busiest in the United States, has intensified. As of Monday, there were 97 container ships waiting to enter the port outside the above two ports, and the average arrival time has been extended to 8.7 days.

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Shanghai Yifeng International Logistics Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Yifeng Moving Service Co.,Ltd

Beijing YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Yifeng Moving Logistics Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Nanjing YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Sichuan YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Fuzhou Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Suzhou YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Hubei Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Hunan Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Chongqing YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Yunnan Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Shenyang YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Shaanxi YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Shanxi Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Shandong Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Xiamen YifengTuoTuo Moving Service Co., Ltd

Qingdao YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Ningbo YifengTuoTuo Moving Co., Ltd

Jiangxi YifengTuoTuo Moving Service Co., Ltd

Henan YifengTuoTuo Moving Service Co., Ltd

Hebei Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

Guangxi Yifeng Moving Co., Ltd

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Shanghai Yifeng Vehicle Logistics Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yifeng Inter-national Logistics Co., Ltd. Anhui Branch

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