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Record port congestion in Southern California

Content source: Yifeng moving Update time:September 23

Since this week, the congestion of Los Angeles port and Long Beach port in Southern California, the busiest in the United States, has intensified. As of Monday, there were 97 container ships waiting to enter the port outside the above two ports, and the average arrival time has been extended to 8.7 days.

Such congestion has never happened in history. According to the data, the freight for transporting a 40 foot standard container from Shanghai to Los Angeles this week was US $10377, about 67000 yuan, an increase of 329% over the same period last year. Maersk, a shipping and logistics giant, expects that the severe congestion in the world's major freight ports will continue until at least the end of this year. With the autumn and winter shopping season approaching, a large number of businesses began to place orders and prepare goods in advance, further putting pressure on the freight routes from Asia to the United States.

Due to rising freight rates, some U.S. retailers are considering raising prices, and the cost of holiday for U.S. consumers will increase at the end of this year.

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